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Who are we?

UBI Index is thought leader in performance analysis of business incubators around the world. We help business incubators become more efficient and competitive through a comprehensive benchmark where more than 300 incubators in over 60 countries participate.

Why Benchmark?

  • To learn best practices on the world’s leading University Business Incubators
  • To find out how new companies are getting created by the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • To recognize top university incubators in the world

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“A unique inside look at the best university business incubators in the world”

Dhruv Bhatli, Co Founder UBI Index

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A Global Index

UBI Index has developed the first ever Global index to benchmark performance and best practices of University Business Incubators. Here you’ll discover the best practices at the top university incubators, their drivers of success, detailed benchmark on 50+ performance indicators and much more …   Learn More

Global Benchmark 2013 Report

  • Benchmark sample of 150 University Business Incubators
  • Success traits of top performing University Business Incubators
  • 10 best practices for aspiring University Business Incubators
  • 35+ indexes of top incubators by criteria, geographic region and sectors
  • 40+ pages of criteria by criteria benchmark of top incubators versus. average incubators

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Incubation Publications

New! Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators

Released: February 27, 2014


Table of Content - Global Benchmark 2013

Get an overview of the sections in the Global Benchmark 2013 report