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Who are we?

UBI Index is thought leader in performance analysis of business incubators around the world. We help business incubators become more efficient and competitive through a comprehensive benchmark where more than 300 incubators in over 60 countries participate.

Why Benchmark?

  • To learn best practices on the world’s leading University Business Incubators
  • To find out how new companies are getting created by the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • To recognize top university incubators in the world

Publications & Benchmarks

Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators

  • 10+ featured cases
  • Operational budgets
  • Incubator management
  • Attracting deal flow and talent


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Global Benchmark 2014
Basic Package

  • Global Benchmark report
  • Rankings and Indexes
  • 5 Case Studies of Top Performing Incubators
  • Comparison by Region or Sector
  • Your Strengths and areas of Challenges
  • Customized Recommendations


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Top University Business Incubators
Global Benchmark 2014

  • Rankings and Indexes
  • Global Trends
  • Participant Directory
  • 20% Discount code = 15DAYS


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