Application 2014

Application 2014 – Apply before March 8


Application form

Signup by filling out the application form below. It only takes 3 minutes. Our assessment officers will contact you within 5 days.

Due to overwhelming response, we have a selective acceptance process with limited availability. Application period ends


Assessment call

All applicants will get a scheduled 20 min phone call with one of our assessment officers for a pre-assessment conversation to know more about your incubation model.

The assessment officer will ask what is most important for your incubation program and will also determine your eligibility for participating in the Global Benchmark of 2014.


Benchmark survey

Selected incubators will be asked to participate in the Global Benchmark 2014. The benchmark survey will be released on April 7.

All participants will be offered a benchmark scorecard on their performance and receive their own copy of an extensive and exclusive summary of the Global Benchmark 2014 report.

What you will be benchmarked on

In our unique assessment methodology we recognize top performing incubators in the world. By applying to the Global Benchmark 2014 you are on your way of being part of an exclusive group of top incubators.

Eligible incubators are assessed on:

Value created for your Ecosystem

Job creation capacity

Economy enhancement capability

Talent retention

Value created for your Clients

Competence development

Access to funds

Network enhancemen

Hardware & Services

Post incubation value & relationships

Your Attractiveness

Incubator offer & internal environment

Post incubation performance

Your benchmark compared to 300+ university incubators worldwide

Top incubator testimonials

“It’s always wonderful to get some acknowledge- ment and it’s just great to get some external validation of what we are doing. It is certainly best practice and the label is also international.”

Gary Leyden Director of NDRC

“It feels great to be recognized this way and it was quite unexpected as well. Moreover, this is the first in-depth research about the university business incubators around the world so we feel very honored.”

Brad Burke Managing Director of Rice Alliance

“It’s a great honor and somehow we never considered this as a competition. However, somebody actually recognized our works and we realized that we had been doing a good job.”

Juuso Koskinen Captain of Startup Sauna

“It was a nice surprise and I have always felt that we have done a great job in terms of being a best practice incubator. Therefore, having that recognized on a global basis was wonderful. We have been very happy.”

Woodrow Maggard Associate Vice Provost of UB Technology Incubator


Why should an incubator benchmark?

There are several reasons, a few are:

  • To learn best practices on the world’s leading University Business Incubators
  • To find out how new companies are getting created by the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • To recognize top university incubators in the world


Who are eligible to participate?

All business incubators that are somehow affiliated or works closely with a university. See our eligibility page to learn more.


Does it cost anything to participate?

Participation is and will always be FREE. We recommend all incubators to join the UBI Network for discounts, updates, insights & events. You are welcome to join here:


What will a participating incubator get after the benchmark?

All participants will receive their own copy of an extensive and exclusive summary of the Global Benchmark 2014 report, for FREE. Top incubators will also be invited to the 2014 release event in Silicon Valley, USA for recognition opportunities.

When do you open the survey and data collection?

Preliminary date is during Q1 2014 with a 3 week window of answering opportunities.


How will you conduct the benchmark?

All eligible incubators will be asked to fill out an online survey which will take approximately 1 hour. The answers will be sent back sorted in order for the incubator to confirm and validate its accurateness. After initial analysis UBI Index will contact top performing incubators to setup a semistructured interview. Data analysis and case studies will be conducted during Spring 2014.


How can our incubator prepare?

Grab a copy of the Top University Business Incubator – Global Benchmark 2013 & Top Cases: Step-by-Step Analysis reports. Prepare yourself and learn more about the key performance indicators that are going to be measured.


When will the Global Top List 2014 be released?

Preliminary date is set to May 2014

“Thank you for participating in this pursuit to understand the global university incubator industry and identifying the top performing university incubators. This is an investment for your own incubator as well as for policy makers and other incubators worldwide trying to understand the industry and what it takes to stimulate growth.“

Ali Amin, CEO, UBI Index