What is a University Business Incubator?

University Business Incubators are organizations that facilitate entrepreneurship through a systematic incubation process. Ideally through a quality controlled intake of startup clients and regular time bound exits in form of graduate startup clients.

These organizations have an established relationship with the universities, which falls into any one of the following three categories

Category 1 – Business incubator (managed by an university)

Category 2 – Business incubator (affiliated to an university)

Category 3 – Business incubator (informal affiliation with an university)

During the incubation process startup clients are provided with necessary assistance to help them succeed in the market. These may include but are not limited to access to infrastructure, access to competence development training, access to funds, access to network etc.

Eligibility for benchmarking

Systematic process

Controlled intake of startup clients & regular time bound exists in form of graduate startup clients

Affiliation with university

Support, Involvement, Collaboration (High, medium, low)

Assistance to client startup

May include but not limited: Access to infrastructure, access to competence development, access to funds, access to network etc.

University business incubators, college incubators, student incubators, incubation programs, innovation and entrepreneurship centers and private incubators with (high, medium, or low) degree of affiliation with universities.

Who is the benchmark for?


That wants to learn from incubation best practicesFor learning


That wants to start developing their entrepreneurship programs


That wants to find the next generation of entrepreneurs


That wants to know the state of incubation in their country or region

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