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Global Benchmark 2013 of Top University Business Incubators


UBI Index ‘Global Benchmark 2013′ report
identifying the best university business
incubators in the world.




Top University Business Incubator – Global Benchmark 2013

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Table of Content - Global Benchmark 2013

Get an overview of the sections in the Global Benchmark 2013 report


Global Benchmark 2013 of Top University Business Incubators

Global Benchmark 2013 Report
(July, 2013)


Unique and one of its kind

  • Benchmark sample of 150 University Business Incubators
  • Success traits of top performing University Business Incubators
  • 10 best practices for aspiring University Business Incubators
  • 35+ indexes of top incubators by criteria, geographic region and sectors
  • 40+ pages of criteria by criteria benchmark of top incubators versus. average incubators

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100x100_ndrc2“It’s always wonderful to get some acknowledg- ement and it’s just great to get some external validation of what we are doing. It is certainly best practice and the label is also international.”

Gary Leyden, Director of NDRC

100x100_rice“It feels great to be recognized this way and it was quite unexpected as well. Moreover, this is the first in-depth research about the university business incubators around the world so we feel very honored.”

Brad Burke, Managing Director of Rice Alliance

100x100_sauna“It’s a great honor and somehow we never considered this as a competition. However, somebody actually recognized our works and we realized that we had been doing a good job.”

Juuso Koskinen, Captain of Startup Sauna

100x100_ubtech“It was a nice surprise and I have always felt that we have done a great job in terms of being a best practice incubator. Therefore, having that recognized on a global basis was wonderful. We have been very happy.”

Woodrow Maggard, Associate Vice Provost of UB Technology Incubator

A few benchmarked incubation programs

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Insights & successful traits

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Incite startups to engage

Propel startups to actively use incubator services, by doing so they will benefit of the experience and knowledge of their coaches and mentors. At Top list incubators 24% more startups actively use coaching and 42% more use mentoring. 



Main drivers of success & constraints


Jobs created per year

Top list incubators create 2.8x higher number of jobs per year

Equity in clients

30% of all University Business Incubators takes equity stakes in their clients

Number of active coaches

On global average there’s 6.8 coaches per incubator. Top list incubators has 23% more

Unique benchmark framework developed in collaboration with 100+ incubator managers

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About the authors

Dhruv Bhatli
Dhruv is a researcher with deep interest in incubation and entrepreneurship. He is currently an entrepreneur-in-residence at Nebula Ventures where he focuses on developing incubation based businesses. His research has appeared in reputed journals such as International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, International Journal of Market Research, Journal of Management Research and in proceedings of over twenty research conferences. Concurrently he teaches at management programs of various business schools, including at the ENPC School of International Management and IAE Eiffel School of Management at the Université Paris Est. In past he has been a visiting researcher at the Aalto University Design Factory in Finland, where he closely studied the Aalto University based incubator, Startup Sauna.

Joel Eriksson Enquist
Joel is currently working as a VC at one of the most prominent VC firms in Northern Europe and has a background in startup incubation & acceleration and startup consulting. Prior to founding UBI Index, Joel worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Nebula Ventures, founded a consulting firm working with technology spin-off projects at some of the Nordics largest corporations and also with strategy projects at several startup companies, he also holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

With the 70-page Top University Business Incubators Global Benchmark 2013 report, you’ll discover the best practices and detailed benchmarks from the top performing incubators globally. This unique report is the first and only reference to dig deep into the practices of university incubators and provide extensive data points and detailed benchmarks. No other resource will provide you with the scope or depth of information covering the practices of university incubators.
The Top University Business Incubators Global Benchmark 2013 report closely examines 150 university business incubators in 22 countries. You’ll see what qualities make these top incubators so successful and how they perform in comparison to average incubators. You’ll also discover how your incubator compares on a wide range of data points, so you can spotlight weaknesses and improve performance.
This global benchmark report measures university incubators on a unique assessment framework with more than 50 performance indicators in 3 categories: Value for Ecosystem, Value for Client, Attractiveness.


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That wants to find the next generation of entrepreneursFor investing



That wants to know the state of incubation in their country or regionFor policymaking