Which category does your program belong to?

Developing a framework and methodology that measures the performance of university business incubators allows both for ranking and benchmarking. At UBI Index we have three (3) types of ranking categories depending on the relationship with the university and with the incubator/accelerator definition in mind. An incubator is ranked depending of belonging to these category groups, but benchmarked against all.

The difference between ranking and benchmarking is that ranking implies the ordering of the incubators according to their performance, while benchmarking means the comparison of one particular incubator taken out of the sample against a point of reference which in this case are top performing incubators. In other words, if we were to think of this difference in terms of numbers – ranking process would attribute an absolute number to each of them (the position in the series). Whereas benchmarking would be the ratio of incubator performance and that of the reference line (top global average, top regional average etc.)

At UBI Index we follow a two pronged approach to rank and benchmark university business incubators and accelerators. First, a thorough ranking process identifies the top performing incubators (which become the reference line), second a benchmark process that stacks incubators against the reference line to identify the strengths, weaknesses and best practices associated with improving the performance of benchmarked incubators.

The three ranking categories that are available for 2015:

  • University Business Incubators
  • University Associated Business Incubators
  • University Business Accelerators

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