Last event: Benchmarking in Incubation

Oct 3rd 2013

Benchmarking in Incubation Business incubators are essential for the early stage of firms. However, not all incubators are the same. Some are able to help clients much better than others. How do they do it? Why their best practices are relevant for incubators around the world? That is when benchmarking comes into the picture to identify the key successful factors behind the incubation models of top business incubators globally.

The webinar ‘Benchmarking in Incubation’ focused on this critical yet neglected topic of why benchmarking practices are highly valuable for incubators globally. Organized by UBI Index on October 3rd 2013, it provided a unique opportunity to learn key insights and best practices from UBI Index’s “Global Benchmark 2013”.

Video recordings from the event

Video: Jasper Welch, NBIA – “The importance of benchmarking for incubators” (available for UBI Network members)

Video: Giordano Dichter, EBN – “The qualitative approach of benchmarking” (available for UBI Network members)